Ask for Luigi is a casual and intimate Italian-inspired restaurant, specializing in fresh hand made pasta.*

The service is family-style: all dishes are meant for sharing and food arrives to the middle of the table, as it is ready. The antipasti usually arrive first, with pasta dishes close behind. We also have amazing house made gluten free options available daily. All menu items are available for dine-in or take-out.


Our dishes are best enjoyed with wine. All of our wines are available by the half litre and bottle, which means that many of them can be ordered by the glass. Just check the board to see what is now open and pouring- anything with a dot beside it is fair game (for a derivative of the bottle price). In addition, we always have a house white, red, prosecco and one local craft beer on tap. For those that wish to sample something a little more rare we have a reserve list of bottle offerings available.


A friend of ours from Treviso, Italy, once asked us what it is that Canadians customarily drink before they eat a meal. When we told him that it isn’t necessarily a custom to have a specific “aperitivo” in Canada, he assumed we didn’t understand the question and proceeded to rephrase and ask again… six more times!

So, to observe the “ritual” of Italian eating, we bring you, “The Spritz” – Easily the most popular aperitivo in Italy (well, at least in the Venice/Treviso area it is). We’re pretty sure we had about 15 per day while in Venice! Further to the Spritz, we have two other classics- the Americano and the Bicicletta, several amari and a selection of vermouths available on rotation to help get the appetite going before your meal begins or as a digestivo at the end.


Of course the Italian eating ritual is never complete without a nice coffee at the end of the meal to finish off the experience. With our two-group Synesso and a rotation of our favourite beans each week, we strive to give our in-house baristas all the tools they need to execute an espresso drink on par with the local coffee houses. Don’t forget to ask our service staff about the “rimorchio” or “trailer” when you get to the bottom of your espresso… it’s the perfect finish!


If you would like a nice grappa for sipping at the end of the evening, we have several of our favorites on rotation, ranging from the fairly approachable to the obscure. Ask us for some recommendations!


Finally – What’s in a name? “Ask for Luigi” is the idea that we are always more inclined to have a better experience when we go where we know somebody, or when a friend sends us to see someone they know. We hope to create an atmosphere where each guest feels like they were sent over by a mutual friend.

So go to the little Italian joint at the corner of Alexander and Gore and ask for Luigi. Tell them Paulie sent you. They’ll take good care-a-ya!